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The buyer agent’s ‘incentive’

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For Realtors, broker reciprocity just has to be the best thing since sliced bread. As a listing agent I know that other agents are looking at my listings and they will be paid if they find buyers for them. When I am acting as a buyer's agent I know I have access to an inventory of homes that I can show my buyers and I will get paid for my work if they decide to purchase and if the sale closes. As for other agents finding buyers for my listing, will they seek out buyers for it? Should they? That really is kind of impractical, yet we talk about it all the time. I used to get those notes from other agents advising me that they have a new listing and I should "show and sell." When I read our state agency disclosure it looks like I am supposed to be representing buyers and/or sellers, and the buyer's contract reads the same way. I am supposed to be acting on my client's or clients' behalf and with their best interest foremost on my mind. My job is one huge conflic...