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Card-carrying real estate status-seekers

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I received an invitation in the mail yesterday to apply for a credit card. So, what's the big deal? Who doesn't get 47 of those every week? And at my house, these invitations are summarily hastened to a meeting with my other "important" mail in the big blue recycle bin. Something about this one, though, caught my eye. This offer was for the most prestigious and versatile credit card in the world, according to the very elegant and expensive-looking trifold. "Wow," I thought. "What have I been missing? I want some of that prestige and versatility!" So, what constitutes prestige? Well, in this case, there is the limited membership. Apparently, this card "is not for everyone." Versatility? There is the 24-hour concierge service, which I am assuming will come in handy when I discover at 2 a.m. that some evil-doer (who is not everyone) has just charged a rather large Omaha Steaks shipment to my account. Best of all, my ticket to the A-list, &...