Flushing away water hammer

Answer's in the toilet

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Q: It happened suddenly. The plumbing pipes in the bathroom would "hammer" whenever the toilet was flushed. We read your suggested remedy (drain the system) and tried it. It worked until my husband wanted more water pressure and turned the main shutoff valve another turn to bring more pressure upstairs.

Now the hammering continues until the toilet’s water tank is filled. We turned off the water at the main again, and this time did not open the valve all the way, but it didn’t help. Is there anything else that can be done to stop the noisy pipes?

A: We hope it didn’t happen suddenly on a "dark and stormy night"!

There is something else you can do but it may take a little pipe reconfiguration.

Anyone who’s been startled by a boom when the water is suddenly turned off or machine gun staccato when pipes are flowing can relate to a "water hammer." One type occurs when a fixture is shut off suddenly, and water rushing through the pipe is brought to a quick halt. The sudden stop creates a shock wave and the "boom." Another type can occur when water flowing through pipes under fairly high pressure is partially restricted — the "staccato."

Because the noise is limited to the bathroom, occurs only when you flush the toilet and stops when the toilet tank fills, we think the problem is in the shutoff valve for the toilet or in the fill valve in the toilet tank. …CONTINUED

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