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Realtors love sales and marketing. Get in a room filled with real estate brokers and agents and one simply cannot escape the conversation about selling, marketing and "relationship building." This somewhat obvious point was recently reinforced when I attended RE BarCamp Ocean City in Maryland, a wonderful event with an amazing setting: starlight, waves lapping against the piers, swaying masts of various boats tied up next to the restaurant, and awesome conversation. The organizers deserve credit and thanks. But I do not write to review that evening. Rather, I write to expand on a topic from that evening as introduced by my partner Jeff Corbett: money. Specifically, Jeff asked the assembled group of Realtors how many of them had incorporated themselves. Perhaps five people out of 60 or so in attendance raised their hands. "Well," said Jeff (or I dreamed it, and am putting words in his mouth), "that means most of you are paying perhaps double in taxe...