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I recently took part in the most amazing panel on Internet marketing ever. Two other panelists and I spoke on Internet marketing, Web site optimization, and social media at a fantastic conference on distressed properties. Well, that was supposed to be the topic of the panel, at least. The other two panelists decided that the more interesting topic was how to run a brokerage focused on selling bank-owned properties (REOs), and I spent most of my time trying to make the point that marketing shouldn't be an afterthought. I have no idea how successful I was in trying to get that message across. But I did learn some new things, which I confess doesn't happen all that often at conferences. For example, I learned that all you need to do for success in Internet marketing in the REO space is to get a ton of listings from banks -- which you would get by physically knocking on bank officers' doors -- and then pricing them really low and throwing all of them on a Web site. I also learn...