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I still have a land line. It wasn't all that long ago that I had two phone lines at home: one for personal use and the other was a business line that went into my office, with an extension to my workroom in the basement. These days my cell phone serves as my business line and my personal line, too. I get calls on the land line but I rarely answer it, as most are from corporations that I don't want to talk to or charities asking for money. It is time to get rid of that last land line. At first it was a useful tool. We could call people from it and they would call us. Then the telemarketers started calling and we got an answering machine mainly to screen calls. Then we got voice mail, and then later caller ID. We could see who was calling and wouldn't answer if it was a telemarketer. Then along came the Do Not Call list. For a time we actually picked up the phone. Today it is never answered because no one who we know or want to talk to ever calls on it. We check and delete ...