The right bit for the job

Drilling holes the faster, safer way

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If you need to drill a hole, it seems like a simple matter to grab a drill and a drill bit and go to work. But if you ever check out the aisles of a hardware store, you’ll find quite a variety of bits for different applications. Knowing the right one for a specific job will help you get the project done faster, safer, and with better results.

Twist drill bits: These are the bits that do-it-yourselfers are typically the most familiar with. Twist drill bits are usually made of high-speed steel (HSS), and have a flute — a recess in the side of the bit — that spirals up from the point of the bit toward to the top. The flute allows for chip removal as the hole is being drilled. Twist drill bits have a shallow point, and are used primarily for drilling metal.