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The Web your way: 7 real estate tools

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Instead of being a time-saver, technology can often be a huge time-suck. Here are some tools that may make your Web life more efficient:1. Hyperwords: A right click on steroids.Simply highlight text and right-click for a multitude of commands: Search: Wikipedia, Google, Bing, images and video, maps, news sources like Reuters and LinkedIn, and many more. You can customize to add other sites to the list, too. Shop: Amazon, Craigslist. eBay, etc. Social media: Twitter, Facebook, etc. Translate. Share: e-mail, Twitter, Facebook. In my opinion, Hyperwords is the best Firefox add-on, bar none. It will soon be available on Windows and your smartphone. Hyperwords is free to use.2. Cooliris: Link peep show and 3-D Wall.Have you ever clicked a link and been disappointed? Cursed the linkster who took you down a blind alley? Cooliris lets you preview a link on the page simply by hovering your mouse on it. The link destination will open up before ...