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WellcomeMat App: Post video on the go

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WellcomeMat, the online real estate video site, has launched a new iPhone app. Using the app you can now shoot off-the-cuff video walkthroughs of your listings on your iPhone 3GS and post them immediately to WellcomeMat, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. From a post on the company's blog: "Do it yourself video just got a helluva lot easier and we are glad to be the company making it happen. The Flip camera got us one step closer to video being easy to do, acting as a hard drive for videos that are shot in Web-ready formats. Now people can post their videos straight from their iPhone: no chords, no format changes, no compression and no barriers." I think this is a phenomenal step forward for real estate video -- though I'd love to see it have even greater integration with some of the more real-estate specific search sites, such as Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, etc. More important than Realtor-produced videos, however -- and what really excites me -- is that an app like t...