Love for home rooted in palm tree

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Editor's note: This is the final installment of the "House Keys" series of columns by Marcie Geffner.My palm tree is doomed. The palm tree in question is a lovely specimen of the species that lives in the backyard of my house in West Los Angeles. The palm tree is not exceedingly tall and skinny, but it's unmissable and majestic. It's leafy, shady and inviting -- everything, indeed, that a palm tree of this type should be. I fell in love with the palm tree the second I saw it, and it was a principal reason why I wanted to buy this particular house. I've been told that's an unusual reason to choose a house. Apparently, most homebuyers are more interested in the interior of the home and perhaps the size of the backyard than they are in the landscaping, even though mature trees and plants can be quite valuable. Unfortunately, my palm tree happens to be directly beneath the electrical power lines that bisect my block, as if whoever planted it had no notion whatsoever t...