Sizing up electric wall heaters

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With winter on its way, you may be thinking about some different options for warming up those cold rooms. If you don't like the idea of moving portable heaters around and you're looking for something permanent, an electric heater might be just the solution you need. There are several types of electric heaters available, but the two most common styles are probably the wall-mounted can style, and the baseboard style. An electric wall-mounted can heater has three basic components. A metal can is installed in the wall first, usually attached to the side of a stud. Inside the can is the heating unit, which includes the heating elements and a small fan. To finish things off, a decorative safety cover is installed over the can and the heating unit. The cover prevents direct contact with the heating elements and includes louvers to help direct the heated air. An electric baseboard heater attaches directly to the face of the wall. It mounts right where the wall and floor meet, he...