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No Photoshop skills required

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

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PhotoSketch is a mind-blowing project from a group of computer science students in China, who have created software that will take your hand-drawn sketch, search the Web for corresponding images and then stitch them all together into a brand-new composite image. A video demonstration from their paper shows the software in action: Sketch2Photo: Internet Image Montage from Tao Chen on Vimeo. While only tangentially related to real estate marketing (though imagine the fun in putting together a listing presentation), what I think this technology points to is a rise of alternate input methods that will push us beyond the keyboard. The iPhone has already demonstrated the appeal of multi-touch, and I suspect we'll be seeing even more creative uses of this kind of gesture-based interaction over the next few years. Text-based search has been held back somewhat by a limited vocabulary and clumsy filters. So imagine searching for a home by simply drawing what you were looking for wit...