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Facebook ‘friends’ vs. the real thing

Realtor Notebook

Online social networks are not just for Realtors and they are not just for business. It is hard to imagine that I would make such a claim considering they were not invented for marketing or for real estate in the first place, and that everyone seems to use them. There is a personal side to social networks, and as time goes on it seems to be getting lost in the shuffle. Things have changed and I find myself doing some digital fall cleaning to get myself back on track. One of the biggest changes is that the definition of "friend" has changed. Many are people I don't know at all and whom I have never met. There are more people who are trying to "engage others," but they don't allow themselves to be engaged so I can't really get to know them or have a conversation with them. There are people who I am connected to on social networks who were friends. Maybe they still are friends but I have so little contact with them that they are more like acquaintances t...