The atypical purchase offer

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DEAR BERNICE: We found a house we really like -- and saw it at an open house. The agent was busy talking to another couple, so she didn't get our name and number. Can we just write an offer without an agent and have the sellers give us a 3 percent credit? --Jill S. DEAR JILL: There are several answers to your question, depending upon the type of listing agreement the sellers have with their agent. You can certainly write an offer with or without an agent. Whether you can get a 3 percent credit, however, is an entirely different matter. 1. What type of listing is it? If the seller signed an "exclusive right to sell" listing, this means that the company who has the listing will receive the commission no matter who sells the property. Even if the owner sells to a friend or family member, if the sale takes place during the listing period, the seller owes the brokerage the commission. This is the most common type of listing agreement. In most cases, the listing brok...