Right wrench for the job

Higher-quality tool worth the extra cost

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If you're the type of person who substitutes a pair of pliers for an entire set of wrenches, you may want to consider adding a few of the proper wrenches to your toolbox. Wrenches are relatively inexpensive and the good ones last a lifetime -- and you'll probably be surprised at how much the proper tool can simplify your project. Here are a few wrenches to consider: Open- and box-end wrenches: Open-end wrenches have an opening on one end to allow them to be placed on a nut or bolt head from the side. Box-end wrenches are open on the top and bottom but not on the side, and while they grip more securely than an open-end wrench, they also require enough access to slip over the bolt from above. Open-end and box-end wrenches are rated by size, and are available in both SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers, which are the standard bolt sizes in the United States) and metric dimensions. Adjustable wrench: As the name implies, an adjustable wrench will open and close to accomm...