Best sales agent: individual or team?

Each method has its pros and cons

DEAR BERNICE: We have a rental house we inherited from my Mom in 2007. Our tenants just gave us notice. The market has improved enough that we would like to sell the house. We plan to fix it up and list it after the first of the year. We see a lot of advertising for a "team" in our area that seems to do a lot of business. There is another agent who seems to get her listings sold fairly quickly. Which would be better for us? We like the idea of having a group of agents working to sell our property. Can an individual agent do as good of a job as a team? –Lucille J.

DEAR LUCILLE: There’s not a simple "yes" or "no" answer to your question. Most properties sell through other agents using the multiple listing service. Nevertheless, whomever you select as your listing agent must have a strong marketing plan.