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Real estate celebrity is dead

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If you're still marketing your services with the "I'm the best agent in today's market" (even if you are), it's time to stop being the celebrity and to start asking, "How can I be of service?" For years we trained agents to promote themselves and their companies: "You should hire me because I sell more houses than anyone else in this area," or "You should hire us because we are the No. 1 company with the No. 1 market share in this area." These types of marketing messages worked back in the 1980s and '90s.Most sellers wanted the best because they believed they would sell their home more quickly and at a higher price. In many cases, celebrity brokers were held in awe. The fundamental flaw with the "celebrity" approach is that the focus is on the agent rather than the customer. When celebrity and "No. 1 marketing" was in vogue, everyone was proclaiming how they were No. 1. You could claim that you were No. 1 in sales,...