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Putting fair-housing law into practice

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Last month, Inman News columnist Bernice Ross wrote an excellent column about fair-housing issues. What she wrote were some blatant examples of fair-housing violations. Such violations can still be found in marketing, and there can be subtle violations, too, as following the letter of the law is complicated. "Family" is one of those words that pose complications for real estate professionals. I try to dot every "i" and cross every "t" when it comes to fair housing and I believe in fair housing, yet the rules that real estate professionals must follow to be fair are confusing. A real estate blog is a great place to get into trouble with fair-housing enforcement. I have received comments on my blog from fair-housing officials so I know they are out there reading. The comments have been favorable so I know that I am not doing anything illegal. I don't publish crime rates or demographics. I used to have links to the information, but for now I h...