Must-haves when buying from builder

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Q: I am a first-time homebuyer in the New York metro area. I am considering purchasing a new condo in one of the boroughs, where most of what I am looking at is new construction. If I am buying a new-construction condo, is there any real need or benefit to having a Realtor represent me? A: Short answer? Yes. Now for the longer answer. Mindset Management Here's a hypothetical. You're a novice poker player -- in fact, you've never played a game before in life. And you're playing in the World Series Olympiad Playoffs (yes, I'm aware of my sports metaphor butchery) against The Greatest Poker Player of All Time, or at least a champion player who does this all day long, and makes millions every year doing it. And the stakes are high -- you're betting your house, and a big chunk of cash (think: downpayment money) on the outcome of the game. But here's the catch: Your opponent, the guy across the table, is willing to pay for you to have another experienced poker player sit on your s...