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Steps to a better Web site

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Real estate detail-view pages all look pretty much the same, don't they? A few photos, the details about the house ... maybe a map. Maybe the whole thing is well designed or just framed in without any design, straight from the feed provider (you know, those gray-background detail-view pages that look like they were designed by an accountant). The data on each detail-view is the same as everyone else that subscribes to the same feed. I bet consumers notice that. If your site is giving them the same data about the thing they want to buy as everyone else in your market, how is your brand different again? It's like when you're shopping for something online and all the sites you go to are displaying the exact same information. If you have a good relationship with your code vendor (or if you have an in-house technical development team), maybe there's more data to display on that list view. Obviously, your multiple listing service may have rules about what you can and can't disp...