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A drive to safety

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Yesterday I was driving over a local bridge in a bad storm. I snapped a quick picture of what I was seeing on the road with my phone. It took a second and my eyes never left the road. Anyone seeing the picture could tell that there was no oncoming traffic and no cars ahead of me. When I got to my appointment a few blocks away, I posted the picture on Posterous with a little note about the storm. The photos then went to Twitter and to Facebook. Almost immediately I got a message through Facebook. The writer said that he hoped I had taken the photo from the passenger seat. I responded by saying that it would be very dangerous to operate a motor vehicle from the passenger seat -- it would be too hard to reach the pedals and the steering wheel. My response was a bit over the line and he was right. I should not make light of it and it isn't funny. It isn't a good idea to take photos while driving. It isn't a good idea to send text messages or e-mail while driving, and it isn't...