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End-of-year analytics fun

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I was going to title this column "End of year analytics chores" but then I figured no one would read it: Who likes chores? And since it's really about getting better next year, and that's more fun and exciting than a chore, I changed it. So here goes. It's the end of the year. The bean counters are counting the beans. Time to count some numbers in your Web analytics as well. If you've been tracking visitor behavior on your Web site this year, I'll suggest a few simple calculations you can do to help you improve next year. If you haven't been tracking visitor behavior, now's a good time to start. In all of the items that follow, I'm going to assume that you've got some data for a whole year. If you just started your analytics initiative this year, then use whatever data you've got. Just be sure to keep the same date-range for all data, whether it's online or offline. For example, don't use revenue for the whole year but Web analytics data for only four months --...