New countertops don't require gut job

How to prep Corian for granite overlay

Q: I have Corian countertops throughout my house. Rather than tearing them out and using plywood and backer board as a base to install granite tile, can I leave the Corian in place and use that as the base and use mastic or thin set to fix the granite tile to the Corian?

A: Keep the Corian. Forget the plywood and cement backer board. The Corian countertops will provide a good substrate for installation of granite tile.

Five years ago, brother Bryan moved to a condo about a quarter mile away from Kevin in Eagle, Idaho. The condo was built in 1978. It came with the original kitchen. The cabinets were built in place, made of oak-veneered plywood stained a dark walnut. The countertops were a light shade of plastic laminate. To say the least, it was dark and dated.