Exterior lighting dos and don’ts

11 tips to optimize safety, savings

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We all love those great holiday decorations that brighten our homes and neighborhoods. And while exterior lighting is safe and easy to work with, you still need to follow a few common-sense safety precautions. Watch those ladders: All step ladders and extension ladders have weight ratings and maximum height ratings, so don't exceed either. Set them up on solid ground, and don't overreach. When working on wet, icy or frozen ground, be extra cautious about where and how you set up your ladders. Read the labels: When selecting lights, extension cords or outside decorations, check the packaging or read the instructions carefully. Be sure that the manufacturer has labeled the item as approved for use in exterior locations. If an item says that it's for indoor use only, don't use it outside, even temporarily.Also, some items are labeled for exterior use, but not for wet locations. In other words, you can use them outdoors, but only if they're protected, such as under the eaves o...