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Book Review: 'Decoding the New Mortgage Market'

With the dawn of 2010, just about everyone I know committed to smarter, savvier, more strategic decision-making — especially in the realm of personal finances. When it comes to mortgages, though, all the resolve in the world won’t create smart decision-making if you don’t understand the rules: insider secrets and all.

In his new book, "Decoding the New Mortgage Market: Insider Secretes for Getting the Best Loan Without Getting Ripped Off," mortgage loan officer David Reed offers to help you crack the code.

Like similar "new rules of the mortgage market" titles, Reed begins with the now-ubiquitous breakdown of the housing crisis and how it came to be: subprime, secondary markets and stated income, oh my. Moving on, though, Reed distinguishes "Decoding the New Mortgage Market" by providing new, useful tidbit of information after new, useful tidbit of information.