Cabinet refinishing by the pros

To some, it's a 3-coat job

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Q: A couple of weeks ago you wrote about your brother Bryan redoing his kitchen. You said he spent the better part of four days priming and painting the cabinets and painting the walls and the ceiling -- all stark white. My question is: Did Bryan try to fill in oak grain texture before priming and painting his cabinets? Are there any painting tips you could pass along? Did he finish in oil or latex? Did he glaze edges or just leave color as is? A: Mom had three boys -- "my three sons" she still calls us. Kevin's the oldest, Bill's the next and Bryan's the baby -- if you can call someone in his early 50s a baby. We all tackle home improvement projects differently. Bryan wants to get it done fast. He sets a schedule, and come hell or high water the schedule is met, sometimes at the expense of some of the details. Bryan did not try to fill in the grain, opting instead for a paint-wipe look. He did a three-coat job: a primer coat, a split coat and a finish coat. The f...