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Book Review: 'The Personal Bankruptcy Answer Book'

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Book Review Title: "The Personal Bankruptcy Answer Book" Authors: Wendell Schollander and Wes Schollander, attorneys at law Publisher: Sphinx Publishing, 2009; 288 pages; $13.25 I'm a lawyer. Nevertheless, until recently, the field of bankruptcy has always been murky to me: chapter this and chapter that; lots of different sets of rules for different situations; and then a massive change in the federal bankruptcy regulatory scheme a few years ago.When funds were flowing well for everyone, "BK," as it's called, came up so rarely it just didn't seem to warrant the time investment it would take to get up to speed. However, the global economic events of the last couple of years have occasioned me to be asked an ever-increasing number of questions about bankruptcy, and my real estate practice has certainly crept closer and closer to the field of bankruptcy law, bumping right up against it as clients facing foreclosure and negative equity on their homes se...