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10 ways to ‘pimp’ your Facebook Page

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Facebook profiles were designed for social purposes. Makes sense. Some folks who are incorporating business purposes through their profiles are risking problems with Facebook, including termination. Ouch. The solution is to create a Page. According to Facebook's Terms of Use, Pages are special profiles that may be used only to promote a business or other commercial, political or charitable organization or endeavor. Create a Facebook Page here. Pages are like free mini Web sites. There is also the benefit of Page content being indexed by Google, whereas regular profiles are hidden in the Facebook walled garden. Here are 10 Facebook Page tips to help you get started and to customize your look and feel. If you have others, share them in a comment below: 1. Lengthen your photo/image. Bigger may be better. If you submit a large photo or image, Facebook will crop it. Here's a trick. If you make the image only 180 pixels wide, Facebook let's you make it 540 pixels in length (this...