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When it comes to real estate standards, there are really great agents and really lousy agents at all experience levels in the real estate industry. And most consumers don't know what to look for in an agent. My early days in the industry were hard on me -- traumatic, in a way. I had worked in corporate America for many years and had reached the very top of my field. I was respected and well compensated in that career. It was a humbling experience to start all over at the very bottom with a new career in real estate, and the uncertainty of wondering when and if I would ever make any money. About three months after my fresh start, I got my first listing. I remember it like it was yesterday. I met the couple at an open house that I was handling for another agent. I was beginning to feel like a failure because I didn't have any listings. In real estate school I got the impression that I would get my first sale during my first week in the business. I had one sale under my b...