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Broker chooses flexible fees

To Be a Broker: Q-and-A with Steve Wiley

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Editor's note: The following Q-and-A interview with Steve Wiley, a broker-owner in Nebraska, is a part of the "To Be a Broker" editorial project that highlights broker challenges and strategies for success. Click here for more info. Name: Steve Wiley Years as a broker: 25 Number of sales agents who you supervise: 2 Years working in the real estate industry: 25 Q: What is the biggest change you have made to the brokerage in the past year, and what prompted this change? How has this change impacted the bottom line, if at all? What has changed about your service offering in the past year? A: We now allow for variable-fee listings in which the fee paid is based on who sells the property -- or how the property is sold -- with the lowest fee, if sold by the property owner. We always protect Realtors, and we pay a competitive cooperative fee for their participation.  Flexible-fee implementation was our logical response to consumer demand, and also due to the...