How agents stay relevant online

Part 3: Trends and gems from Connect NYC

Looking for some great ideas for your business? Today’s column covers eight simple, common-sense "gems" from Real Estate Connect that can help build your real estate business in 2010.

1. Avoid this simple mistake many agents make
Have you ever visited an agent Web site with great community information, but with no reference to the city or the state? For example, if you reference "Sunny Hills" in Paris, are you referencing the "Paris" in California, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee or Texas?

When you describe the market areas you serve on your site, be sure to also reference the city, state and ZIP code(s) where they’re located. Failure to provide this information means that search engines cannot accurately match your Web site with visitors who are searching in your area. If Google can’t find you, future customers probably can’t find you either.