Wall cracks? Fight back

When drywall repair won't do

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Q: Our 4-year-old home has developed a crack down the seam of one interior wall, across to the next and then down another seam. A drywall taper repaired the crack by retaping it and finishing the seam. It looked great. About six months later, I noted another crack in the same area. Two weeks later, the crack disappeared. I have access to the back side of the wall, so I reinforced the two studs by placing blocking between them and the adjoining studs. Everything was great for about six months, until today, when I noticed a new crack. I was told that it is because the studs are expanding and contracting with the weather. I find that hard to believe because it is happening in only one place. I have considered taking the wallboard down and spanning the two studs with one piece of wallboard. What can you advise? A: Believe it: Expansion and contraction of the wooden framing wall is the cause of the crack. The wall is moving in the horizontal plane. This is known as "rac...