Top 20 reasons to fire your client

How agents rise above dishonesty, disrespect

One of the biggest mistakes that most agents make is working with every type of client that comes along. Do you have a client that you need to "fire"?

When times get tough, it’s tempting to work with clients that we might normally refer to another agent. More often than not, this choice results in poor outcomes for both you and the client.

I remember being asked by a woman I did business with to find her a house in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. I had a pretty good knowledge of the area. Nevertheless, because most of my business was on the Westside of Los Angeles, I wasn’t actively previewing Valley properties every day. The result was that my client ended up buying a property on open house. Out of 200-plus properties that met most of her search criteria, she became very angry at me for not telling her about this particular property. I was the one who got "fired."