5-step deck restoration plan

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Q: I am removing the screws from our 10-or-more-year-old redwood deck. At about 1,200 square feet, it's a big job, and it's taking a lot of time to remove the screws, inspect the boards, then flip them over and screw them back down, replacing boards as needed. I am about halfway through with this project. When finished, I plan to power wash the deck, then stain and seal. A neighbor told me I'm too late because the decking has turned gray and no stain or sealer will cover the gray. We don't really worry about the gray -- that is a natural color for wood to turn when sun and weather get to it. Do you have any suggestions on what stain and/or sealer I should use to level out the color? Some of the boards are gray and on many you can see lighter areas where they were fastened to the joists every 2 feet. The power wash may help a little, but I know it can also damage the wood's softer grain. A: Your plan is pretty much right on and your neighbor is dead wrong. Flipping the boa...