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It’s OK to be optimistic

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Over the next three months, the U.S. Census Bureau is going to hire about 1.2 million temporary workers. The seasonally adjusted impact of these numbers will be massive, so don't overreact positively when the news makes headlines a few months from now. Nonetheless, we believe that positive job creation is getting ready to occur as most of the leading indicators point to solid growth ahead, and recent job loss figures have been only slightly negative. Job creation is going to be driven by big companies who have downsized significantly, as well as small businesses who will slowly return to growth mode. Since the length of unemployment in the labor force is still hovering near 30 weeks, (the record high since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking the statistic in 1948), we also believe that job-growth-focused government stimulus will continue. Methodology 1. We collect a complete history on 70-plus variables and forecast the important ones by forecasting each metrop...