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Meetups bridge marketing divide

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Cold calling and door-knocking are still viable ways to generate business. But why would you want to work so hard when there are better ways to connect with potential clients?

To succeed using these strategies, you need a hard-driving personality type that can also handle a 98 percent rejection rate. Because so many real estate salespeople are people’s persons, this level of rejection is tough to take. Furthermore, if you are making cold calls, you have the extra hassle of having to make sure you don’t call anyone on the National Do Not Call Registry.

So what are the best alternatives in 2010 to meet potential clients?

One of the best choices is from Networking has always been a proven way to meet people. Most business networking events, however, are like being in a room full of hungry sharks. Everyone is cruising around looking for the next meal ticket for their business. is a Web site where people who share similar interests can find each other. The site allows users to post where various face-to-face meetings will occur. Meetups cover a wide variety of interests. For example, Meetups in my area today included a clean energy group, a bicycling group, a cooking club, people who want to Welsh more fluently, and a group for parents with Autistic children.

Meetups are an excellent way to meet those with whom you share mutual interests. Your goal in attending is the same as it would be when you meet a new neighbor. You’re not attending to promote your business. Instead, you’re there to have fun doing something you like to do.

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The law of attraction says, "Like attracts like." People enjoy being around others who share the same mutual interests and beliefs. To get them to do business with you, help them with what they value.

For example, if your Meetup group is business-based, do your best to try out the services or the products your group members are selling. Once you establish that the person’s service or product is high-quality, write a testimonial for that person’s business and put it on LinkedIn. In most cases, the other person will reciprocate by posting a testimonial for you. To really help the other party, post the testimonial on Posts on Yelp typically rank high in most Google searches. …CONTINUED