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5 ways to jump-start your business

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I just finished reading an article on about 25 ways to jump-start your business. There are five that really seem to apply to real estate agents and brokers.

1. To focus on truly urgent matters, first, clear your schedule

As an agent or broker, you don’t work 9 to 5, Monday though Friday. Sometimes you need to put down your cell phone and, as Inman News Publisher Brad Inman says, "Look up!" Feeling overwhelmed? Clear your schedule in order to really refocus on what needs your attention. It may be time to say no to some things, and even to some clients. See point No. 2 below.

2. Shed your problem clients

I have witnessed agents who are so desperate for a paycheck that they hang onto the wrong type of client until they are completely drained and end up compromising way too much. The sign of a successful agent is the ability to walk away, if necessary. Ask the tough questions about your clients: "Are they worth it? Are they being realistic? Are they keeping me away from other opportunities?"

3. Turn freebies into a search-engine-optimization play

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Search-engine optimization can bring more traffic to your site and, hopefully, more leads! The most effective way to optimize your site is to encourage other sites to link to yours. How? Offer something free! What is your specialty? What are you really good at as an agent? Marketing? Staging? Negotiating? Whatever you are really good at, write a "white paper" on that topic and give it away free. People love free and it will help optimize your site. …CONTINUED