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Survey: Hope for flatter home prices

23% of agents, brokers expect prices to rise in next 6 months

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Real estate agents and brokers are more optimistic about the future of home prices this quarter than in the first quarter of 2009, though slightly less hopeful than in 2009's last quarter, according to a recent survey by online real estate marketing site HomeGain. HomeGain conducted the survey from March 3-10, with participation from about 1,400 agents and brokers around the country. According to the results, 48 percent of respondents expect home prices will stay the same, 29 percent said they will fall, and 23 percent said they will rise in the next six months, compared to last year's first quarter, when 36 percent said home prices would stay the same, 53 percent said they would fall, and 11 percent said they would rise in the following six months. The results represent a slight decline over 2009's fourth quarter survey, in which the same percentage of respondents expected prices to stay the same, 28 percent expected them to fall, and 24 percent expected them to rise in the followin...