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Realtor Notebook

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Realtors are an interesting group of people. If you want them to attend a meeting or an event, you either have to provide continuing education credits, free food or both. Food is probably the best way to get a group of Realtors together, even for an educational event. Yesterday we held the first ever RE BarCamp event here in Minnesota. There are some things about RE BarCamps that are important. I am not talking about the camps themselves, but about why they exist. The events represent a grassroots movement started by Realtors because we need more education. There is a huge need for training in our industry: one-on-one training and group sessions on technology and social media. The gap between the Internet-savvy Realtors and the not-so-Internet-savvy Realtors seems to be getting wider. In 2006, I gave my very first presentation in a real estate office on how to start a blog and what a blog is good for. At the time it did not surprise me that there were some people in the ...