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Physics may not be something that we knowingly talk about on an everyday basis, but we talk and think about physics so much more than we know. After all, physics seems accessible to all but that minute fraction of human society who can roll the words "quarks" and "leptons" smartly and swimmingly off their tongues. In reality, as put so nicely by a publication of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science: "Physics is all around us. It is in the electric light you turn on in the morning, the car you drive to work, your wristwatch, cell phone, CD player, radio and that big plasma TV set you got for Christmas. It makes the stars shine every night and the sun shine every day, and it makes a baseball soar into the stands for a home run. "Physics is the science of matter, energy, space and time." I submit, in fact, that the laws and observations of physics can apply to and illuminate many, seemingly unrelated realms of inquiry. Including...