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Twitter is a great source of information. But there's also a very high large amount of clutter and noise. This week's column is about a tool that can help clear some of that clutter and present the information in a clearer and more digestible interface than a standard Twitter or Tweetdeck-style stream. is a service that takes the content shared via Twitter and presents it in a newspaper-like format. This makes it a useful tool for getting a quick scan of the information being shared on Twitter. I would also like to note that this tool qualifies as one of my "super-early-beta-be-careful" tools. So yes, use this tool. But don't base an entire business model on it just yet. For example, if you're too busy to really participate with Twitter but know there's useful information flowing through there somewhere, you could use to find useful links. Getting started with To get started with, you sign in via your Twitter or Facebook ac...