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Five ways to build personal brand

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

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Nobody likes someone who is an ego-maniac. A lot of real estate agents get a bad rap, because some agents think that to build a great personal brand, they need to talk about how great they are. This is very off-putting for many people -- especially your Gen X and Gen Y clients who are slow to trust and quick to judge anyone who calls themselves an "expert." Personal branding -- the art of packaging and presenting yourself -- has become vital to both career and business development, especially as a real estate agent. Here are five simple strategies that real estate agents can use to instantly set themselves apart from the pack: 1. Craft a compelling pitch. You need to be able to clearly define yourself, and sum up precisely what it is you do, in 30 seconds or less. When in doubt, make a simple bullet-point list of the skills you excel at. Ask yourself: How do I see myself? Your pitch needs to be brief and to the point. 2. Take control of your name. Input your nam...