Coping with stress in house moves

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The real estate market is very different from the traded assets markets in (at least) one important way. When the stock market rises and falls, it generally rises and falls for everyone in the same way.Except for the fraction of folks who day trade (joyously buying low when everyone else is losing their heads from the Dow's descent), and options traders, who actually make money when others lose it, the average investor is positioned the same as their fellow investors. This is not so in real estate. When things are great for buyers, they're not so great for sellers. Renters and landlords' interests are generally also at odds. But there is one spot in the matrix of real estate experiences we all share: moving. Moving is a universal experience. It is also universally ranked as one of the most stressful experiences we humans go through, or put ourselves through, as the case may be. I once read that only the death of a family member, divorce, job loss and buying a home rank high...