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39 tech things to test and try

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Using tech in your real estate practice often means learning about, testing or trying new things. Sometimes it's tough to know where to begin. So this week, I humbly submit this list of 39 things you can learn, test or try to make your business better. The list is a mix of things for beginners and advanced tech users. Maybe you've checked off a few on this list already. Pick the ones that interest you and give them a try. Let me know how they work for you. 1. Test the color of the submit button on your contact form. 2. Test the number of fields on the contact form. 3. Test the number of required fields on the contact form. 4. Test putting the search function on the home page. 5. Test a home page that looks as much like Google as possible (all "business," no distraction, just one link). 6. Test a home page that looks as much like Apple as possible (big visuals, minimal text, a primary navigation choice with several smaller navigation options). ...