6 tools to make Dad happy

Father's Day gift ideas for under $150

Father’s Day is here again, and you’re probably wondering what kind of a great do-it-yourself gift dear old Dad would love to get this year. Here are a few cool new tools and accessories, listed in order of price, that are worth considering.

1. Final Cut 7 1/4-inch Saw Blade ($19.95, www.finalcutblade.com): It seems like there’s nothing that gives you a greater feeling of pride than having the joint between two boards fit together perfectly. One way to help get that perfect fit is with the Final Cut line of saw blades, which uses a patented design that combines a top-quality, carbide-tipped blade with a disk of sandpaper on each side. As the blade makes the cut, the sandpaper finishes off the edges to almost jointer-like smoothness.