Overcome homeowners association fears

Mood of the Market

Perhaps Robert Frost, in his poem "Mending Walls," said it best: "Good fences make good neighbors." So what happens where there are no fences whatsoever or a wall is even -- gasp -- shared?! Such is the neighborly setup involved in many condo complexes, co-op situations, and other common living situations involving homeowners associations (HOAs). Think about it: the words "homeowners association" imply a connotation of neighborly solidarity, that instead of simply sharing walls, the members of the group would share alliances and allegiances.Their interests -- in their largest, shared asset and the mundane details of their daily living situation -- from garbage to pet poop -- are aligned. Fellow HOA members would, in a perfect world, be "besties." Needless to say, our world is less than perfect. HOAs do not -- as they would in an ideal world -- inspire, excite and thrill homebuyers with the idea of buying one home and getting 100 (or so...