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A ‘tsunami’ for luxury real estate?

Commercial loan losses could lead to huge tax bills

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Many parts of the country are starting to climb out of the worst real estate market since the 1930s. Are we finally creeping to a recovery or is there another disaster lurking around the corner that could force the residential real estate market into another dive? An old friend recently contacted me about one of his commercial real estate investments. A property across the street from his had recently sold. Due to the recent sale, his lender decided to order an appraisal on his property. Based upon the appraisal, the lender decided that the property was now worth less than what was currently owed on the property, even though the property had a positive cash flow. As a result, the lender decided to enforce a provision in the loan documents that allowed the lender to ask the investors to place additional cash into the deal to maintain the loan-to-value ratios required on the original note.In this case, the lender wanted $350,000 from each investor. If the investors refused to...