6 steps to fire protection

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As summer comes on, wildfires can strike anywhere, anytime. They move fast, and often with little warning. You can do a lot to minimize the risk that your home will become a tragic statistic should a wildfire ever come through your area. Here are six steps you can take this year to help protect your home against wildfires: 1. Create a fire break The first and perhaps most important step is to create a noncombustible fire break around your home. If you have noncombustible roofing material, the fire break should extend out for 30 feet in all directions. If you have cedar shake roofing, then extend the fire break to 50 feet. To determine the layout of the fire break area, simply measure out from the edge of the footprint of your home's combustible materials. That might be the edge of the roof overhang, or it might be the edge of a wooden deck that's attached to the house. Within that fire break zone, create a well-planned and well-maintained area that's as free as possible ...