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Open source vs. closed source

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When it comes to building a real estate Web presence, the choices are bewildering. You can cobble something together yourself in flat HTML. You can hire a professional to cobble something together in flat HTML. You can sign on with a company that develops real estate websites on their proprietary content management software that they've spent years tuning for the needs of real estate. You can do a mix of all of these things. One of the constant topics related to Web software is "open source." Open-source software is basically code that you are allowed to look at and tinker with on your own. Some of it even allows you to sell the results of your tinkering. It's sort of like buying a car -- if you know how to fix cars and soup them up, then no one is going to stop you from doing so. There are a wide variety of licenses associated with "open source," and sometimes the people who, for whatever reason, don't care for open source use this as a negative for u...