Seller financing for today’s market

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During the recession in 2001, a strong home-sale market was instrumental in pulling the economy back on track. The opposite may be the case now. The economy, particularly employment, needs to improve before the housing market stabilizes. Low interest rates are helping the home-sale market today, but the housing market is far from stalwart. Unemployment is high; mortgage qualification is difficult; and most buyers can't afford to buy a new one without selling their existing home first, creating a logjam in the repeat homebuyer segment of the market. Interim or bridge financing that buyers used routinely in the past to buy a new home before selling their current home is virtually nonexistent in today's market. An interim loan is a loan secured on your current home to generate cash for a downpayment on a new home. Homeowners who have a home equity line of credit (HELOC) secured against their property can tap unused funds to convert equity to cash in order to buy a new home b...